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Pelican Aircraft

Aviation Components

The Pelican is an exciting aircraft design project with a novel mission demanding an unconventional solution. Creative CAD has been involved with conceptual design and production design, and has developed innovative construction and testing techniques. Creative CAD has project management responsibility for airframe structure, controls, systems and power plants.

Client privilege prevents us showing more of this very interesting project...

Pelican Aircraft

The Pelican is an exciting aircraft design project with a novel mission demanding an unconventional solution. 

Munin A20 UAV

Military Aviation

The Munin A20 UAV has a long range and 48 hour endurance. Unlike most UAV's the Munin aircraft has been designed to comply with FAR23, the US aircraft design specification for light aircraft. It is intended to fulfill a number of roles in both civil and military markets.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The Munin A20 UAV has a 48 hour endurance with a range to match and fulfills a numerous roles in both civil and military aviaton.

In-Flight Adjustable Rudder Pedals.

Aviation Components

Creative CAD has designed a range of rudder pedals for light aircraft. The pedals provide the pilot with provision to adjust pedal location in-flight and are equipped with toe brakes. A number of these pedals are installed in high performance experimental aircraft.

Rudder Pedals

The pedals provide the pilot with provision to adjust pedal location in-flight and are equipped with toe brakes.

In-Flight Adjustable Propeller

Aviation Components

For installation in a 300 hp high performance sports aircraft, the prop features all-carbon blades with densified wood cores and a single billet hub construction. Each blade individually replaced. and blade bearings can be removed in-situ. Electro-mechanical pitch adjustment from feather to reverse is available, as are two and three-blade hubs.

In-Flight Adjustable Propeller

The in flight adjustable prop was designed to be installed on a 300 hp automotive engine, for installation in a high performance sports aircraft. It features all carbon blades with densified wood cores and a single billet hub construction.  Each blade can be replaced as a stand alone item. All blade bearings can be removed without removing the prop from the engine. 

Stretcher bridge for aero-medical helicopter
The bridge was designed to allow paramedics to mount all of their first responder medical equipment within easy reach, while allowing them to give their full attention to the patient. The bridge had to satisfy the needs of the paramedic and comply with various air-worthiness and crash-worthiness requirements. Click image above or here for more information.

Manually pitch adjustable propeller for 100 HP aero engine
The manually adjustable propeller was designed to be fitted to the Rotax 912 gearbox aircraft engine. The first prototype was tested to a propeller tip speed in excess of Mach 1. 

Electrically adjustable propeller for 300 HP aero engine
Initially an upgrade from the 912 prop, the electric propeller was redesigned substantially. It features a double earthed, dual electrical system, reversible pitch with a mechanical and electrical interlock to prevent runaway. The entire prop can be dismantled while remaining on the aircraft, allowing easy blade change or drive mechanism change. 

Retractable main landing gear for light aircraft
Conceptual design for retractable landing gear on a light aircraft. Gear has been designed to be retracted using a single linear actuator, with a free fall 'emergency' extension should electrical power fail. The system uses a cable and gas springs to unlock the up locks, and the gear motor and a small hand activated winch provides a back up to fully extend and lock the gear if aerodynamic loads prevent the free fall system from working completely. 

Visual tabs, consisting of mechanical indicators are exposed above the wing when the gear is fully locked down. Gear doors are mechanically driven to automatically follow the gear during extension/retraction. The gear has to rotate by a few degrees during retraction to better fit into the minimal space left within the wing. 

Instrument panel
Creative CAD has designed and built several instrument panel systems for the Jabiru Aircraft. Panels are CNC cut and engraved and an easy to follow and reliable wiring process replaces the factory system.

Gee Bee Cowl
A refreshing break from CAD and machining, the Gee Bee cowl was designed and built in house, using in house developed equipment and skills. The cowl is installed on an experimental aircraft intended to be a 'stand off' scale version of the 1930's racing aircraft.

Stretcher lifter for air ambulance
The stretcher lifter was designed to suit an aero-medical operator who had smaller aircraft than the norm. The lifter is placed under a false floor and can be easily extended. Once extended two legs fold down and lock the lifter in place. The table then descends, driven by a linear actuator, the table accepts the helicopter instrument flight simulator. 

Helicopter container transport rig
The rig was designed to accommodate a Dauphin helicopter that had to return to the manufacturer for a major repair. The prohibitive cost and time delay for using the factory transport rig, plus the need for the factory unit to use an open container, drove this project. It was completed in three weeks and at about 10th the cost of the factory unit. 

Aside from being a container rig, the rig was fitted with casters and with telescoping legs fitted the aircraft landing gear attach points, allowing the strongest part of the aircraft to take transport loads. The rig also allowed the repair work required to be carried out without having to to remove the helicopter from the rig. 

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