Ezyloader Hideaway
Designed and built as a low profile stowed version of the traditional loader, the Hideaway went from concept to production in only six weeks.

The Hideaway is mounted on a pair of triangular frames and extended by a hydraulic cylinder. The stowage box is around 400 by 400 by the width of a ute, and extends to a working height of around 1.5 meters above the vehicle tray. It allows the operator a 3.6 metre radius of movement 360 around the vehicle.

As the main booms are always held horizontal by hydraulics, the operator provides the minimal amount of force required to move the load of up to 300kg. Unlike a boom type crane, the operator stays with the load, allowing fast and accurate placing of the load. The split boom allows the operator to move around the vehicle and return directly to it, or circle obstructions effortlessly as required. More information on Industrial CAD Design