Drill Rig Gearbox
The gearbox is designed to be installed on a portable drilling machine able to drill down to around 800 metres. The gearbox is powered by a two stage hydraulic motor and allows the operator to either drill holes or take core sample holes.

The box has been designed with the "Stilson and sledgehammer" operator in mind. The only in-field maintenance required occasionally is replacement of the output shaft seals, which are located in easy-to-remove housings that do not affect any other aspect of the box. All bearings and lip seals have jacking holes provided to ease removal of parts during overhaul. The case is fabricated from laser cut plates and a flame cut ring, which are bolted and doweled together. All bolts of each diameter are of the same length.

Core Drilling Gearbox HBG2
Gearbox HBG2 Parts List
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