Stokes Engine
Working with the inventor Rick Stokes, Creative CAD designed and built the first Stokes engine, taking the project from concept right through to a running engine. The Stokes engine has a novel and viable principle, it addresses the classic limitation of almost every other engine, in that they are all limited by being forced into a specific pattern of volumetric expansion. The Stokes engine has four cylinders, a single combustion chamber, no crankshaft, and does not require a cooling system, as the heat usually treated as a liability and hence wasted in most engines is converted into work.

The engine has run as a two stroke on gas with four firing cycles per turn and as a four stroke with two firing cycles per rotation. The version in the photos is now retired but can be occasionally demonstrated running on compressed air.

Creative CAD built the entire engine in house -pistons, piston rings, cylinder block, piston guides, case etc, only the cam ring and an OEM flywheel were sourced externally.

Independent evaluation of the potential for this engine layout has predicted a significant potential improvement over existing engine designs.

A second engine has been developed and successfully run and Creative CAD is now working on the third generation engine.

Rick Stokes is actively seeking expressions of interest to further this remarkable engine. For more info please contact Creative CAD.

Stokes Engine
Stokes Engine
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