Stretcher bridge for aero-medical helicopter

The stretcher bridge allows paramedics to place all their equipment securely onto a stretcher used in the aero-medical role.

The angle of the bridge across the stretcher can be adjusted to suit the confines of the helicopter.

The bridge can be located anywhere on the stretcher, to cater for patients with different conditions.

It can be quickly attached and removed from the stretcher, and all the medical equipment can also be easily removed or installed. The bridge folds flat for stowage.

Provision is made to carry an oxy-log,  three syringe pumps and a Pro Pack  monitor. Two IV solution bags can also be carried. The bridge was designed and certified to aviation standards.

The stretcher was provided with castors and a locking system, allowing the stretcher to be mounted in a range of different locations in the helicopter.

Two of these units have been in constant use for more than 12 years with the rescue helicopter service. Creative CAD is conducting a design upgrade to cater for newer generation medical equipment

Stretcher Bridge CAD Image
Stretcher Bridge Photograph
Stretcher Bridge Frame
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