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Hazardous Dust Removal Machine

Industrial Design

Bowman make a range of negative air units used in the removal of hazardous dust. Creative CAD wrote an operations manual and assisted the manufacturer by developing up-to-date documentation, improved the production process and assisted with improving the electrical system

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Hazardous Dust Removal Machine

Creative CAD produced an operations manual and assisted the manufacturer with an up-to-date electrical system.

Drill Rig Gearbox

Mining Industry

The gearbox is designed to be installed on a portable drilling machine and is powered by a two stage hydraulic motor and allows the operator to either drill holes or take core samples.

The only in-field maintenance required occasionally is replacement of the output shaft seals, which are located in easy-to-remove housings that do not affect any other aspect of the box. For more information click here .

Drill Rig Gearbox

The gearbox is designed to be installed on a portable drilling machine which penetrates to 800 metres. The gearbox is powered by a two stage hydraulic motor and allows the operator to either drill holes or take core sample holes.

Ezyloader Hideaway


The Hideaway uses a slightly scaled down version of the traditional loader, mounted on a pair of triangular frames and extended by a hydraulic cylinder.

The Ezyloader extends to a working height of around 1.5 meters above the vehicle tray and allows the operator a 3.6 metre radius of movement 360 around the mounting point on the vehicle. It folds up into a large toolbox and is a really neat bit of kit. For more information click here

Ezyloader Hideaway

The Ezyloader is an innovative Australian product which is ideal for operators who need to lift multiple loads, such as bee boxes. Creative Cad developed a fold-away version which can be mounted across the bed of a Utility in a box 400 x 400, lifts a 300 kg object 1.6 metres in height, around a radius of 3.3 metres and allows a user to load 44 gallon drums, with one hand.

This product is far more efficient than any other type of lifting device, as the operator remains with the load at all times. The loader features a hydraulic powered automatic levelling system, so it is classed as a loader and hence does not need a crane license to operate it.

CNC Router for the Jewellery Industry
The cnc router is intended to allow the operator to create high quality precious metal name tags with the minimum of operator skill. Blanks are loaded onto cartridges which the machine loads, and pre packaged data is used to create toolpaths. This small rigid machine creates minimal tool marks and reduces final cleanup time. It also uses flood coolant to clean itself and recover all waste. An automtic filter change system allows the unit to process different materials, while keeping waste separate. Creative cad has been involved with the initial concept and detail design of this innovative machine.

Dog Lifter
This device is used to lift dead dogs from veterinary fridges prior to disposal! The task involves creating a device that is highly mobile, allows the user to lift up to 100 kg safely, and it has to fold down into a small footprint to be carried in the back of a small car, with the ex dog aboard. The device must also allow the user to negotiate stairs.

Macadamia Harvester and Dehusker

Creative CAD redesigned a Macadamia nut de-husker to make it much faster and easier to fabricate. The modular design is now used in several stand alone dehuskers as well as being incorporated into larger harvester machines.


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