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Current and Recent Projects:

Stokes Engine

The Stokes engine is an internal combustion engine which does not have the crucially limiting feature of a crankshaft. The engine was designed and built entirely in house, and ran successfully on fuel as a four stroke and on gas as a two stroke. More information...


Ezyloader 'Hideaway' design and construction of prototype collapsible lifter 
Hydraulic twin line rotary union 
Innovative sheet metal forming machine
Regenerative drive-retardation system, Two stage gearbox for transport industry 


Powered articulated crutch 
*3* Seat base for office chair Animations
*4* Mobile phone personal collection system - Rivet Equipped (photo)
Calibration rig for intelligent cycle crank

Powered articulated crutch 

The powered articulated crutch is a device which aids people with leg injuries, who lack the strength or stability required to rise un-aided. This allows a higher degree of independence for some patients and also reduces risk to care givers. The device uses a linear actuator designed in house for the task, to telescopically extend or retract the foot. The upper half of the crutch also collapses to allow easier stowage or to allow the operator to use the crutch as a more convenient walking aid. 


Helicopter container transport rig 
Retractable main landing gear for light aircraft 
*5* Stretcher bridge for aero-medical helicopter (Rendered views)
Manually pitch adjustable propeller for 100 HP aero engine
*6* Electrically adjustable propeller for 300 HP aero engine (animation)
Stretcher lifter for air ambulance
Helicopter instrument flight simulator

Aviation CAD Engineering


Drill rig gearbox (as above)
Explosion proof instrument enclosure 

Ezyloader hideaway

Designed and built following a customer request for a low profile stowed version of the traditional loader, the Hideaway went from concept to production in only six weeks. 
The Hideaway uses a slightly scaled down version of the traditional loader, mounted on a pair of triangular frames and extended by a hydraulic cylinder. More information...

Hydraulic twin rotary union

Designed as an addition to the Ezyloader Hideaway, this device allows hydraulic oil to pass from the body of the loader up to the beam, regardless of the number of rotations of the beam. It replaced two hoses which previously were prone to damage from excess rotation of the beam 

Sheet metal forming machine
This project (more of an obsession really) was developed in-house over several years in response to the need for a machine to form a increasingly complex series of parts for repairs and fabrication within the aircraft industry. Although basically a pan brake, rapid adjustment of the clamp lock, multiple clamps and forming bars allow it to make a much greater variety of shapes than traditional machines, and it can be easily adjusted into several different working modes with only one tool. 
The machine can form a wide range of folds not normally possible with a pan break – reverse folds, partial folds, interrupted folds, variable radius folds, over square folds, joggles etc. The folder is complemented by a guillotine, a bench shear and rollers. 

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We provide a support service right from that first spark of an idea, assist you nurturing it into a viable concept and help to turn it into a full-size working prototype.

We develop the concept through CAD to produce a virtual prototype, produce marketing presentations and animations, and develop detailed prototype drawings. We can build it for you as well 

Our strength is our exposure to many different aspects of industry, both "hands on" and design 

Our aim it to provide a concise and efficient conversion of your idea.

Services include mechanical design, CAD design and drafting, CAD animations, prototype fabrication, and display standard models.

We have a well equipped workshop and have developed many links to wide range of specialists in industry.


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