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Axis Crank 
The Axis intelligent bike crank uses some clever electronics and load cells to cyclically measure various loads on a bicycle crank. Software then converts this data into information allowing trainers to monitor and  adjust the riders' technique for improved performance. It effectively turns a cycle or ergo into a dynamometer.

Creative CAD continues to assist with the ongoing development of this product, and has developed a test rig which applies a constant force to the crank as it rotates and includes in the computation the crank drive flex. The force is applied with a fluidic muscle which allows a large force to be applied using low pressure air, ideal for safety in the sports laboratory.

Axis Crank Animation (1.1mb mp4)
Axis Crank for Bicycles
Axis Crank for Bicycles

Swift Performance Products: Light Post Lens

Swift produces an accurate timing gate system for the sports industry. Creative CAD designed the lens to fit the top of an existing product. The challenge here was to create a part which fitted precisely into the extruded alloy bannister tube that forms the light post chassis. The tube is not uniform in shape and required many measurements and subtle adjustments to the CAD model. The end result fitted perfectly.

Calibration rig for intelligent cycle crank

The calibration rig was designed to allow the designer of an intelligent bicycle crank to calibrate his device. The crank is able to measure tension, torsion, bend and compression loads on the crank and from that information, the power and style of an athlete can be determined and modified to improve performance. 
The crank rig had to turn the crank at a speed of 120rpm and provide a constant and known load to the crank. The rig also had to cope with the different lengths of the adjustable crank. 
The test rig had to supply a constant load in one direction, so a fluidic muscle was used. This allows an accurate constant load to be used with low input pressure, maintaining a safe laboratory environment. 


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